No. 455 Oil Derrick and Pump

FOR YOUR OIL FIELDS! With this accessory you can add an entirely new feature to your model pike - an oil field operation. Arrange it around the Lionel No. 455 Operating Oil Derrick and pump, which will give your layout both color and action. "Walking Beam" moves with a slow rocking motion, activated by an electrical coil and plunger mechanism. Large transparent standpipe is lighted by small bulb. Heat from this bulb gives appearance of flowing oil in pipe! Tackle inside derrick can be operated by hand crank. Tackle and four oil drums are aluminum. Tower is all steel. On rear of platform is replica of GM Diesel generator and motor housing. Size: 9 1/4" long, 5 1/2" wide, 14 1/2" high.

The original selling price of this unit was $9.95.

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