No. 2340 "Congressional" Pennsylvania Twin Motor Electric "GG1" Locomotive

Of all the trains in America... none is more graceful, none carries more important dignitaries than the world-famous "CONGRESSIONAL" between New York and Washington, D.C. - and it's pulled by the Pennsy's own "GG1"! No wonder Lionel has been deluged with requests to bring this model locomotive back!

And this time Lionel has gone "all-out" to make its reproduction of the "GG1" the greatest of all Lionel locomotives! Whether you select the maroon passenger model or the dark-green all-purpose version of this twenty-wheel giant, you'll have the finest-looking, most powerful locomotive anybody ever owned!

Those genuine operating pantographs will work under overhead "catenary" wire if you want them to... just like the real "GG1"! And you'll find five real lights on each end - headlights and four running lights. The drive wheels are exact duplications of the General Electric driving wheel assembly!... The trucks are perfect copies of the ones that guide the "GG1" over the rails of the Pennsylvania!

Remote control operating knuckle couplers at both ends.... Beautifully decorated in gold with the accurate Pennsy striping, lettering and keystone insignia. Embossed cab ladders are of heavy-gague steel. The real electric horn operates on a special relay - for constant deep-throated pitch and intensity!

Like the real "GG1", this one has two energy-plus power trucks... each with marvelous MAGNE-TRACTION for smooth, safe roadbed performance at top speeds!

The original selling price of this unit was $49.95.

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